Highlights from today’s consultations with the Department of Human Settlements. Regarding the final drafting of the required Rental Housing Regulations. Statutorily required by the Rental Housing Act as amended 2014.
ICRC input.

  1. What is to be done about the state security agencies reluctance to enforce housing decisions issued by the Rental Housing Tribunal?
  2. How to protect inner city residents of abandoned buildings with absentee landlords, who informally pay rent to an entity who took over the building?
  3. Why not build capacities of Community Advice Centres to be point of first contact, mediation & referrals for local housing disputes in communities where they occur.
  4. Matter of Social Housing lease agreements, ‘Rent to buy’ 4- 5 years Clause in most social housing beneficiaries contracts all accross Gauteng province. Many facing eviction proceedings for failure to perpetually pay rent & never owning the unit.
    Next step: written submissions by end May 2022.
    📷 visual highlights of the day’s proceedings.