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Inner City Resource Centre

The City of Johannesburg has declared war against people living in bad buildings. This has been proved by the fact that in January 2014 the City went to South Gauteng High Court for a final eviction application in over 30 matters to be stayed. While the constitution of South Africa Section 26(1) says Everyone has a right to have access to adequate housing. In all the cases that were in the High court the judgement was that the City must provide alternative accommodation to those people who were under threat of eviction. But the City instead of providing the alternative accommodation they apply for the stay.

For this reason, the ICRC invites you to join them in a march
The purpose of this march is to deliver a memorandum to the City of Johannesburg to demand that the COJ must engage meaningfully with the communities who are under threat of eviction. The City of Johannesburg and the Department of Housing must provide proper housing and basic services which are our constitutional rights. The ICRC will march from 57 President Street, Library Gardens in Johannesburg CBD to the City of Johannesburg, from 10am to 12 after we have handed over the memorandum.

For more info please call the office at 011-492-1046 or
Thabani 083-372-7555
Philemon 072-445-4441
Darius 073-221-3072

This is our demand from the City ” LIVEABLE BUILDINGS WITH CLEAN WATER IN, DIRTY WATER OUT AND RUBBISH OUT”. Click here for the copy of the memorandum.

Support the struggle for basic services for all. Lets join hands and fight for our rights.