RIVONINGO is a women’s forum that was initiated by women in the ICRC in 2010, it was formed after engaging and sharing stories of the different forms of abuse faced by women in the inner city of Johannesburg.

RIVONINGO Women’s Forum will place its special focus on working alongside poor and vulnerable women. This is because many families are headed by women and they are highly affected by issues of housing,education,human rights violations and poverty issues.

Women are at the heart of Rivoningo’s community-based efforts to improve basic education,prevent spread of HIV/AIDS, increase access to clean water and sanitation,expand economic opportunities and protect natural resources. We have come to see how women’s well-being is the fuel that drives vibrant, healthy societies.

RIVONINGO will be engaging women and girls at key moments for the greatest impact: when pregnant and raising an infant, when applying classroom skills in the home and community,and when earning a living. We shall also focus on HIV and AIDS and emergencies as major factors affecting poor people.

With the rapid spread of HIV across the communities in the Johannesburg vicinity,it is the testimony to show the linkages between population movement and the growing epidemic with no access to medication and the issues of poverty. Most of the factors that promote the spread of HIV/AIDS also promote migration and poverty that women who are bread winners are prone to. In response to these,Rivoningo intends to design programmes to help empower women in the Johannesburg vicinity. Rivoningo believes that on the principle that only people can liberate themselves from any situation.

In general, the objective of the launch of the Rivoningo Women’s Forum is firstly, to create awareness of the project and secondly, to highlight the human rights issues and the socio-economic situation of women and their families in the inner city of Johannesburg ( no matter where they come from).

After the launch of the Rivoningo Women’s Forum volunteers will be mobilized from the communities,and,as they engage with the local government and other related services,it is fully expected that many of the activities designed to empower women with their rights and support will continue and RWF will make every effort to have a holistic approach,including working with other non-profit enterprises such as COB’S and Fob’s who will be of assistance in legal matters for the provision of quality prevention of the abuse women and girls rights.

RIVONINGO Women’s Forum will be targeting the mostly economically disadvantage communities as well as the invisible disadvantaged communities in the inner city seeking legal assistant in education, health care,housing, basic services and human rights matters on their behalf.

RIVONINGO will make women feel confident and with the self esteem to recognize that they have rights and specific needs as female citizens.

Due to all these, it is at this point that RIVONINGO WOMEN’S FORUM is trying to make a difference. We want to increase our capacity to empower the inner city women with the knowledge and skills to address these issues.

RIVONINGO WOMEN’S FORUM was launched on 8 March 2011 at Lilly and Olivier Road, Berea.

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