Current Activities:

  • Lobbying the Johannesburg Water Company and City Power to cease water and electricity cut-offs to people who are unable to pay the high bills demanded by landlords.
  • Engaging the Johannesburg City Council to provide management control to tenants who have been living in buildings that are abandoned by their owners.
  • Refer tenants and landlords dispute cases to the Johannesburg branch of the Rental Housing Tribunal for hearing and mediation.
  • Representing tenants at housing tribunal.
  • Assessing evictions matters and referring them to relevant legal institutions.
  • Migrants issues being refused health care in public hospitals.
  • Assisting migrant children to have access to schools
  • Evictions a major problem that affects most women in the inner city.
  • Most women living in bad buildings with no electricity and water.

There is a need to challenge this human rights violation this can be done by educating women about their rights, because equipped with the knowledge they can be able to challenge the government and fight for their rights. While engaging with the communities we realised that women need a space on their own to share their experiences on their daily lives.

Inner City Resource Centre