In early 2006 the ICRC joined up with the Centre for Applied Legal studies and the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions. In July 2006 ICRC lobbied, staged protests and took the Johannesburg city to court  for cutting supply water to tenants who are living in building without owners. This case was won.

In June 2006 to August 2007 we managed to halt the number of evictions taken place from 10 000 people in 2003-2005 to 3000 in 2007.

The major turning point for ICRC was in Middle 2007 – January 200O when we won a high court case against the Johannesburg City. The city was ordered to stop evicting people, and cases of necessary evictions the city should provide tenants with alternative accommodation. This ruling pushed the city authority to initiate a coalition of stakeholders in the city to adopt a policy and strategy to deal with the issues of housing and basic services in the city. In November 2007 the Johannesburg Inner City Charter of witch we took part was adopted by the city.

To this end we are lobbying the Johannesburg Water Company and the Electricity Company to provide and stop switching off water and electricity to people who are unable to pay high fees that are demanded by landlords. We are also engaging the city to provide ownership to tenants who have been living and managing buildings that were abounded by their owners.

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